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Lighting Upgrades

  • Incandescent to Energy Efficient Fluorescent

  • F-12 Fluorescent to Electronic Ballasts and T-8 Fluorescent Lamps

  • Interior Metal Halide to Multi-Lamp T-8 Fluorescent

  • Exterior Metal Halide and Quartz to Pulse Start Metal Halide and Fluorescent

  • Lighting Controls Systems

  • Building Energy Management Systems

  • Motion Sensors for Room Lighting

  • Utility Rebate Programs

  • Lease Programs Funded by Utility Savings

  • Minimal Out-of-Pocket Expense

  • Short Term Return on Investment


Power Systems

  • Plant Operations & Power Equipment Usage Analysis and Evaluation

  • Install Power Conditioning Equipment Eliminating Voltage Drop and Brown Outs

  • Installation of Transient Voltage Suppression Systems (TVSS)

  • Staged Equipment Start-Up Programs Reducing Peak Demands

  • Installation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on Large Motors and Equipment

  • Annual Maintenance Programs

HVAC Systems

  • HVAC Equipment Performance Analysis and Evaluation

  • Install New Energy Efficient Equipment

  • Retrofit Existing Equipment with New Energy Saving Devices

  • Install Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on Air Handling Equipment

  • Energy Monitoring and Management Systems

  • Heat Recovery Systems

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Annual System Maintenance Programs

  • Air Quality Management, Testing and Reporting Programs


Building Systems

  • Insulation for Increased R-Factor Ratings Minimizing Heat Loss

  • Roof Coating Systems Maximizing Heat Deflection

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